Who is Partners?

Partner’s Consulting is an award-winning IT consulting company that provides Professional Services to Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, focusing primarily in product and project delivery.

We were established in 2006 by our President, Peggy Gionta, who felt there should be more to recruiting consultants than just grabbing handfuls of resumes from the Internet and sending them to a client without discussion or a true understanding of their needs or the candidates’ qualifications. She designed her business to be a true connector, focusing on the people behind the paper and using a more personalized process and commitment to partnership to match candidates with ideal positions that actually meet their career objectives. Our recruiting and sales teams stay actively involved through the entire process to support both our client and consultant and bolster their well-being, success and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on being a high touch organization that works closely with our clients so we can accurately identify candidates with the preferred qualifications and skills, as well as the personality and mindset to thrive in a particular environment. We understand that individual differences provide enormous value to companies, so our goal is to consider the whole candidate and determine who will be the best fit for our clients in order to help build a diverse and dynamic work team that fosters creativity and excellence. Because we are a certified woman-owned business, our clients and consultants are proud to partner with a company that truly celebrates diversity in the IT industry.