“Peggy Gionta and the recruiting team consistently present highly qualified candidates. Their proven, personalized process understands our culture and requirements, and has resulted in outstanding hires for us. I am very pleased to consider them a valued extension of our Information Technology team.”

— Emily Ashworth, Chief Information Officer, American Water

“Partner’s Consulting has proven themselves as a valuable IT consulting partner to Comcast and they are a key component of our diverse supply chain. We recognize that supplier diversity is integral to our continued success, and Partner’s has done a great job of going the extra mile to provide the best candidates. We are happy to have found a strong IT service delivery organization to support our growth.”

— Dr. Jay Burks, Supplier Diversity Senior Manager, Comcast

“Partner’s Consulting has done a great job recruiting, interviewing and placing top Project Management talent for me for projects across the country.”

— Claudia Brozda, Director of Professional Services, Draeger Medical

“Partner’s is more focused on, and understanding of the customer needs, than other firms. I can rely on their ability to make qualified candidates available to me in any timeframe, and to be there to assist me during all stages of the process. They are a very hard working team and they helped me be successful. I feel very comfortable recommending Partner’s to my colleagues as a quality vendor.”

— Steve Reichenberg, Head of Project Management, Noble Health Alliance

“One of the reasons that Partner’s Consulting was chosen as a Supplier of Excellence for IBC is because of their commitment to quality over quantity. Their Account team uses their diverse industry experience to thoroughly understand our requirements and the challenges that we face so they can deliver the best qualified candidates. They know which questions to ask to ensure a candidate’s fit, both skill-wise and personality-wise, without wasting valuable time. They make our needs a priority.”

— Laith Elias, Director – PMO, Independence Blue Cross

“Partner’s Consulting is an amazing company to work with and work for. Partner’s finds a way to match candidates to jobs not only by skill fit, but also by culture fit and personality fit. They are friendly, accessible, and on-point. Even better, they truly care about their people. I would gladly recommend anyone to work with Partner’s.”

— Keira Zerwick, Consultant, Partner’s Consulting

“Partner’s Consulting is a great company to work for. They are very personable and treat me like I’m a valuable asset to the organization. One thing that makes them different that I like about them is that they’re interested in knowing more about me outside of work. I found out that they also like working in the community, and we built an additional partnership to help support my foundation, Young Men and Women in Charge.”

— Rick Roberts, Senior Project Manager Consultant, Partner’s Consulting

“I’ve worked with Partner’s Consulting for over 7 years and they are my first choice for 4 reasons. They take the time to listen to what I am truly looking for in a candidate; they vet the candidates so well that I skip phone screens and go directly to a face to face interview (which saves me time!); they understand my company culture; and, they consistently find me the best candidates. I highly recommend Partner’s Consulting if you are looking for top talent.”

— Director ITS – Business Partner Engagement, Utilities client

“Peggy and Partner’s Consulting knocked it out of the park, and my team are constantly providing positive feedback on their consultants. Also, Partner’s is women-owned, which provides a nice diverse alternative. Lastly, Peggy hosts quarterly director PPM network opportunities – no sales pitch, just industry best practice sharing- which have been a really great area for me to meet peers and to stretch my thinking. Thanks for spurring some new thoughts for me!”

— Director, Strategic Projects, US Pharma Strategy, Planning, and Operations (SP&O), Pharmaceuticals client

“Partner’s Consulting’s performance speaks for itself. They’ve provided me with a stable of pre-qualified candidates that they have worked with time and time again at multiple clients. Partner’s gets it right the first time because they invest the time and work in Partnership with us. Partner’s acts like an executive search firm for non-executive roles. When I think of Partner’s, I think of people.”

— Ken Levy, Vice President, EPMO, Radian